costCompare allows OEMs and Wire Harness manufacturers to accurately generate reports detailing the total cost to manufacture a wiring harness including the cost of parts and labor, all in a matter of seconds.  It also allows detailed comparison of harnesses to identify changes.

Automatically Generate:

Harness BOM Reports, Harness Cost Estimation, Harness Comparison Reports, Where Used Reports

The costCompare tool is compatible with the following software packages:

Arcadia, Vesys Classic, VeSys 2, CapH, Capital Harness XC, Comsa, Engineering Base, Zuken E3, Saber *all trademarks are the property of their respective owners

Features and Benefits

  • Every Harness Variant has an accurate and detailed report
  • costCompare report generation is instant so there is no delay for release
  • Supplier has to build to print, there is no scope to edit or amend BOM
  • ECAD data is processed by costCompare to create multiple reports
  • Full BOM & Engineering data Information export
  • Fully detailed reports itemizing each element of cost


Import 3rd Party Databases

Databases can be imported into costCompare in CSV format to allow the selection of parts such as cavity plugs to be done prior to the report generation

Streamline Processes

costCompare removes process gaps and removes any delays from the feedback loop

Multiple Manufacturer Profiles

costCompare allows multiple profiles to be maintained in the tool, this also allows comparisons of different suppliers or manufacturing locations to be compared to identify which supplier will be able to provide the assembly for the best cost

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