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Transform the way you design, document & simulate electrical wiring diagrams, schematics and system architecture

Electrical Schematic Design Software

Whether you are an OEM or full-service harness manufacturer, Arcadia Schematic helps engineers easily design advanced schematic diagrams over multiple sheets from anywhere, not only quickly but reliably with automated simulation and analysis tools built-in.

  • Integrated real-time simulation and analysis
  • Integrated Symbol Library
  • Animated simulation provides a clear understanding of circuits validity at a glance for the Engineer
  • Interfaces to ERP, PLM and MCAD
  • Fully integrated with Arcadia Harness for seamless exchange of data
  • Cross page connectivity

Create Electrical Schematics & Validated Wiring Diagrams Directly in Your Browser

Arcadia is developed by engineers for engineers. It’s intuitive to use and includes an advanced simulation engine allowing you to accurately simulate your design to see behaviour and check for voltage drops in realtime, with just a browser.

Electrical Wiring Design Software Highlights

Schematic Symbol Library

Arcadia Schematic comes with a comprehensive library containing both traditional and DIN standard schematic symbols for use in your drawing.  Where required, create custom symbols and reuse them in your drawings.

electrical schematic design software simulation

Powerful Simulation and Analysis

Arcadia Schematic includes an advanced simulation engine allowing you to accurately simulate your design to see behaviour and voltage drops etc. in realtime.

Bulk Edit Data Quickly

A unique set of editing tools allows you to bulk edit data in a standard table array. These editors enable quick checking and editing of your design.

electrical schematic design software harness from schematic

Generate Wiring Harnesses Directly From The Schematic

Identify a schematic to build your harness from, specify which connectors & splices should be used and added including their part number, cavity table & view.

electrical schematic design software interface erp plm mcad

Interfaces to ERP, PLM and MCAD

Easily export your schematic data in a variety of different formats for importing into ERP, PLM and MCAD systems. Easily transfer design intent between departments and to manufacturing and service third parties.

Built-In Component Database

Arcadia comes with an integrated component database which stores all your part information including parametric information such as linked terminals, their wire ranges and linked parts for your connectors.

This database drives the automatic selection of terminals and seals in your drawings and reports as well as powering the Design Rule Checks & validation.

See all data for any connector live on your screen with no need to hunt through paper catalogues or websites ever again.

Powerful Addons For Electrical Schematic Design

Enhance your workflow with these powerful addons available for Arcadia Schematic

Arcadia API

A powerful scripting interface that allows 3rd party systems and processes to interact with many of Arcadia’s data structures.

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Allow engineers to automatically create derivatives of a 150% master design using advanced processing techniques.

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Freely distribute your service data to any number of engineers or service centres.

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Collaborate and annotate on completed designs or work in progress without effecting the original underlying data.

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