Arcadia Wire Test Output

Generate test code directly from Arcadia engineering drawings, allowing you to ensure that your harness builds match your CAD 100% without having to built, learn and test against a golden sample build.

Integrates with Popular Wire Testers

Supports Testers made by Cirris, CAMI Research, Weetek & Dynalab and compatible hardware

Test to CAD rather than Golden Build

Guaranteed right first time, no chance of testing a faulty golden build against subsequent harnesses built with errors

Features and Benefits

  • Build Harnesses right first time
  • See quickly where build issues have occurred
  • Profile driven parameters such as acceptable variance in resistance
  • Link sucessful harness tests to your label printers to ensure that a Part Number label is only printed after sucessful test
  • Catch build errors early in your batch production
  • Ensure incrased productivity and reliability


Instantly generate test code

Arcadia includes a part store built-in so that you can select all the parts you need in your database for your next project quickly and easily

See where your harness is faulty

Components can have multiple views added in a variety of formats, Vector SVG, JPG, PNG etc.

Link to connector test headers

There is no limit to the cross-references you can add to a part, easily switch which of these show on your drawings & reports