Cadonix techPublisher allows your company to easily publish engineering data to an interactive export that can be used on or offline, on pc, phone or tablet and without any per-device licensing. This allows you to freely distribute your service data to any number of engineers or service centres.

Automatically Generated

Indexes, Connector data tables and schematic sheets are all automatically published to provide an intuitive easy to use resource for your service engineers

Location Map and Hotspots

Photographs & 3D CAD View snapshots can have Hotspots added to aid navigation and clearly illustrate harness routing.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be accessed on any device with a compatible web browser
  • Supports multi-touch pan, zoom navigation on touchscreen devices
  • Interactive click and trace to follow wirebreaks & view connector tables
  • Can be loaded and viewed on HTML Browser enabled Machines & Vehicles to provide on-board diagnostics diagrams
  • Fast and fluid navigation and search interface
  • Can be embeded into existing Web Delivered service and parts diagram software


Save Time and Money

Cadonix Techpubs allows your technical publications to be generated in an instant – it is always up-to date with the latest engineering diagrams

Fully Integrated with Arcadia

Arcadia users can generate output at the click of a button without any publishing delay at any project release point

Supports 3rd Party ECAD tools

Even if you are not an Arcadia user Cadonix techPublisher can still author your data allowing all data and diagrams to be imported and published

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Work From Home Support

We are here to support all customers with on-premises Arcadia installations with homeworking should your IT team have any questions. Please contact our work from home team for a near immediate response.

Our hosted Arcadia service can be accessed anywhere with zero configuration, but should you have any questions regarding your web browser and PC, please feel free to contact us as well.

We are all in this together, let us help to keep you productive –

Andrew Armstrong 

CTO Cadonix