Arcadia Harness

Save significant time, reduce costs and improve quality with the ultimate tool to draw & document wiring harnesses and cable assemblies

Wire Harness Design Software

For OEMs and Harness Manufacturers, the comprehensive Arcadia Harness toolset allows capture, automation and a greatly reduced workload for engineering, purchase and service departments allowing you to seamlessly integrate into your existing process and workflow.

  • Easy to use, allowing engineers to focus on creating harnesses
  • Integrates with your enterprise wide tools & processes (MCAD,PLM, ERP etc.)
  • Integrated parts database
  • Automatically create bill of materials, wire lists and other reports
  • Reverse Engineering Capability
  • Splice Illustration and Balancing

Design Harness Layouts Directly in Your Browser

Arcadia Harness ensures your harness is captured quickly, clearly and accurately. Design rule checks ensure that your harness can be manufactured reliably and all BOM parts are captured and checked. Generate clear and reliable documentation for use in manufacturing and service or even for your own in-house prototype builds.

Wire Harness Design Software Highlights

Quickly Draw & Document Harnesses

Arcadia Harness offers engineers a highly intuitive and streamlined toolset to create fully populated not-to-scale and 1:1 harness layouts.

wire harness design software drc

Harness Design Rule Checks

Built-in intelligent design rule checks ensure the harness is engineered for manufacture including correctly sized terminals, seals and cavity plugs as well as insulation and bundle covering sizes.

wire harness design software splices

Auto Splice Specification and Illustration

Splices can be automatically selected both for Ultrasonic & Crimp splice types. Arcadia will automatically assign the correct type and diameter of Heat-Shrink-Sleeve from your customer profile.

See wire-entry information with auto splice illustrations to assist with manufacturing.

wire harness design software reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering Capability

Arcadia has introduced a unique process to create a harness when
only a physical sample is available in an easy way, which allows the harness drawing to be built to scale from a photograph.

wire harness design software harness from schematic

Generate Wiring Harnesses Directly From The Schematic

Identify a schematic to build your harness from, specify which connectors & splices should be used and added including their part number, cavity table & view.

Built-In Component Database

Arcadia comes with an integrated component database which stores all your part information including parametric information such as linked terminals, their wire ranges and linked parts for your connectors.

This database drives the automatic selection of terminals and seals in your drawings and reports as well as powering the Design Rule Checks & validation.

See all data for any connector live on your screen with no need to hunt through paper catalogues or websites ever again.

Powerful Addons For Wire Harness Design

Enhance your workflow with these powerful addons available for Arcadia Harness

Arcadia API

A powerful scripting interface that allows 3rd party systems and processes to interact with many of Arcadia’s data structures.

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Identify changes between revisions, variants and merge any harnesses that have been modified independently of each other.

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Allow engineers to automatically create derivatives of a 150% master design using advanced processing techniques.

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Greatly reduce the time to quote by generating instant and accurate quotes for your customers.

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Test Equipment Interfaces

Generate test code directly from Arcadia, allowing you to ensure that your harness builds match your CAD 100%.

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Collaborate and annotate on completed designs or work in progress without effecting the original underlying data.

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