Arcadia harnAlyser

harnAlyser allows instant comparison, analysis and merge of any 2 similar harness designs. This can be used to identify changes between revisions, between harness variants and to merge any harnesses that have been modified independently of each other.

Comprehensive Report of Revision Changes

Create detailed change logs explaining exactly what changes have been made between harness revisions.

Easily Identify where Changes have been Made

Quickly see where changes have been made on a harness in an easy to use interface, save hours searching drawings manually to find changes.

Features and Benefits

  • Change By BOM or Graphical
  • Select Change Filters to Show/Hide
  • Compare Revisions or Similar Harnesses
  • Compares ANY two harnesses
  • Highlights any differences and lets you select into a 3rd new Harness
  • Can show changes as a list and graphically


Merge Harness Designs

Based on the Difference tool, but graphically shows the two reference harnesses side by side, Step though each difference and zooms into the correct area on each harness picture. Produce a 3rd harness based on the users selection of data to merge

Calculate price deltas

Calculates the differential for components with a stored price as well as wire length changes and cost delta

Geometric Differences

Produces a list of components with a geometric difference, for example when a harness drawing has had the layout rearranged or elements moved between nodes