Arcadia quoteBuilder

Arcadia quoteBuilder is an optional but fully integrated module for use with Arcadia Harness designs. Arcadia quoteBuilder gives you the power to generate Instant Accurate quotes for your customers and make sure that no BOM components are missed out during the process. Labour operations can be assigned for any operation or part type allowing you to accurately capture labour and performance metrics for your organisation.

Multiple Profiles

Multiple Supplier/Customer costing profiles can be created for different locations. Variables and parameters associated with each location can be stored for automated harnesses costing

Detailed Labour Calculations

Arcadia quoteBuilder can calculate labour for every manufacturing operation associated with your harness build, this allows you to accurately quote both BOM & Labour without any surprises during build

Features and Benefits

  • Review cost reports for historic changes
  • Integrated Cost Database
  • Generate BOM & Labour reports
  • Maintain the specific costing profile attributes for each supplier/customer
  • See the cost impact of engineering changes instantly
  • Output reports in PDF, HTML and XLS formats


See both detailed and summary reports

Arcadia quoteBuilder can generate both detailed and summary reports. Summary reports for purchase departments or Detailed reports for open-book cost analysis

Load Price Data from Purchase systems

Component pricing can easily be loaded from CSV documents allowing users to easily load and keep part prices up-to date.

Greatly Reduce quoting Workload

Using Arcadia quoteBuilder hugely decreases the amount of time and labour it takes to quote. Be the first supplier to quote your customers and get your quoting done with a minimum of effort