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Create full-scale 1:1 harness formboards and generate manufacturing documentation at the click of a button with Arcadia Harness Manufacturing

arcadia harness manufacturing software

Harness Manufacturing Software

Arcadia Harness Manufacturing enables Harness Manufacturers to save significant time, avoid duplication of data and minimise errors in their workflow with automatic tools to produce full-scale formboards and generate documentation to give to manufacturing.

  • No need to redraw your layout – automatically generate manufacturing formboards
  • Supports rapid-tooling systems such as Panduit Quick-Build
  • Synchronise the formboard with customer drawings when customers make updates and revision changes
  • Manufacturing-ready cutting lists and assembly instructions
  • Show wire colour, spot highlight colours, and wire IDs
  • Select table data contents to suit your manufacturing process
  • Connector loading illustration with wire highlighting

Create Formboards & Manufacturing Documentation Directly in Your Browser

A comprehensive set of manufacturing and assembly reports are included with Arcadia Harness Manufacturing. These can be generated against your formboard to highlight part numbers for connectors, terminals and seals as well as illustrating cavity colours to assist with assembly.

Harness Manufacturing Software Highlights

arcadia harness manufacturing software formboard

Create Formboards Automatically from Drawings

Arcadia Formboards can be easily resynchronised to customer drawings without the need to re-draw the layout when customers make updates and revision changes.

arcadia harness manufacturing software formboard wire report

Manufacturing-Ready Wire Cutting Lengths

Wire point-to-point lengths are adjusted to include manufacturing allowances as well as per-cavity wire add-ons to produce manufacturing-ready wire cutting lengths and BOM totals.

arcadia harness manufacturing software formboard bom report

Full BOM Output Ready for Component Sourcing

Generate complete Bills of Materials which automatically include the correct cavity components including terminals, wire seals and cavity plugs, as well as any related parts such as backshells, secondary locks etc. so that they are not missed.

Connector Loading Illustrations with Wire Highlighting

Illustrate wire colours and their cavities on connector loading diagrams to assist with manufacture.

arcadia harness manufacturing software reports

Customisable Reports & Exports

Report measurement units, cross reference part numbers and displayed columns can easily be configured for your companies preferred layout.Multiple profiles are also supported for build locations.

Easily export reports to Excel, PDF and other formats.

Built-In Component Database

Arcadia comes with an integrated component database which stores all your part information including parametric information such as linked terminals, their wire ranges and linked parts for your connectors.

This database drives the automatic selection of terminals and seals in your drawings and reports as well as powering the Design Rule Checks & validation.

See all data for any connector live on your screen with no need to hunt through paper catalogues or websites ever again.

Powerful Addons For Harness Manufacturing

Enhance your workflow with these powerful addons available for Arcadia Harness Manufacturing

Arcadia API

A powerful scripting interface that allows 3rd party systems and processes to interact with many of Arcadia’s data structures.

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Identify changes between revisions, variants and merge any harnesses that have been modified independently of each other.

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Allow engineers to automatically create derivatives of a 150% master design using advanced processing techniques.

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Greatly reduce the time to quote by generating instant and accurate quotes for your customers.

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Test Equipment Interfaces

Generate test code directly from Arcadia, allowing you to ensure that your harness builds match your CAD 100%.

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Collaborate and annotate on completed designs or work in progress without effecting the original underlying data.

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