Cadonix partMaster is a power viewer, merging for each component family, technical & BOM data from any number of engineering, PLM, purchase and documentation systems. Presented to the user in a simple to use interface, designed to aid end-user in making the right component selection, first time.

Access From Anywhere

Globally accessible component catalogue stores complete listings of all common use component types for standardisation and any associated documentation

Master of your Global Inventory

Rationalise, catalogue and document manufacturing components. Developed from the ground up to reduce complexity through cross-product component strategy and standardisation. Cadonix partMaster enable part number reduction by steering engineers and designers towards components with the best quality, cost and performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps to encourage better engineering and spend decisions
  • Allows purchase teams to review price details quickly across different locations
  • Complexity reduction for plants, engineering and spare parts
  • Engineers can easily search suitable parts for their designs using powerful search and filtering tools
  • Powerful output tools allow engineers to build part datasheets for all their selected parts
  • Purchasing commodity structure can be defined in detail


Integrate to Existing Systems

Engineering/PLM systems can be linked to or updated from. This allows the system to present “Where Used” data by product/model for any part

Track Legacy Part Numbers

Any duplicate part numbers are identified and can be linked for legacy references

Reduce Usage of Overpriced Parts

Overpriced parts and outlying data can easily be identified to investigate further parts rationalization