Arcadia Manufacturing Output

The arcadia Manufacturing reports make it easy to generate manufacturing documentation not only as a Harness Manufacturer but also for Prototype harness builds or In-House production. This creates a seamless interface between your engineers and the manufacturing technicians avoiding wasted time associated with manual methoses such as questions and clarifications associated with interpreting a drawing alone.

Integration with PLM

Arcadia reports can be automatically generated and uploaded to PLM for use by other buisness units & departments such as build support and service

Integration with Purchase Systems

Arcadia BOM reports, cutting lists, etc. can be shared with purchase for distribution for quote or materials procurement

Features and Benefits

  • Connector Loading Illustrations with Wire Higlighting
  • Manufacturing Ready Adjusted Wire Cutting Lengths
  • Splice Configurations are Illustrated in report
  • Full BOM Output Ready for Sourcing
  • Report Archiving to PLM
  • Multicore Preparation Reports


Customisable Reports

Report measurement units, cross reference part numbers and displayed columns can easily be configured for your companies preferred layout

Manufacturing Wire Lengths

Wire point-to-point lengths are adjusted to add a manufacturing allowance as well as per-cavity wire add-ons to allow connectors to be dressed correctly for the required layout

Automatic Splice Material Selection

Splices can be automatically selected both for Ultrasonic & Crimp splice types, Arcadia will also automatically assign the correct type, and diameter of Heat-Shrink Tube from your customer profile