Arcadia Formboard

Arcadia Formboard is part of the Arcadia Manufacturing suite and enables manufacturers to automatically Full-Scale and manipulate harness drawings to fit a physical build area. Manufacturers can use Formboard to plan their tooling and add elements such as board clips, nails and test connectors to their layout with ease

Formboard Synchronisation

Arcadia Formboards can be easily re-synchronised to customer drawings without the need to re-draw the layout when customers make updates and revision changes

Digital Formboards

Arcadia Formboard output can be used for paperless digital manufacturing using projectors & screens as well as traditional methods

Features and Benefits

  • Supports Rapid-Tooling systems such as Panduit Quick-Build
  • No need to re-draw your layout
  • Shows all wire colour spot highlight colours and wire IDs
  • Independent profile configurations
  • Select table data contents to suit your manufacturing process
  • Create Formboard Tooling libraries for quick part re-use


Advanced Layout Tools

Easily add bends and automatically radius bundle bends to fit the space available within your standard formboard frame sizes.

Manufacturing Reports

A comprehensive set of manufacturing reports are included with an Arcadia manufacturing license, these can be generated against your formboard to give drawing locations for all BOM parts required to manufacture your harness

Rapid Tooling

Zone locations can be configured for rapid tooling methodologies such as magnetic board mounts and perforated steel build boards. This allows the set-up technical to know exactly where to install components when setting up the board

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