Arcadia Component Database

The component database stores all your part information including parametric information such as linked terminals, their wire ranges and linked parts for your connectors. This database drives the automatic selection of terminals and seals in your drawings as well as powering the Design Rule Checks & validation.

Basepoint your Images

You can specify a user base-point, this allows your drawings to neatly arrange and also orientate images and components to their linked harness bundles.

Coverings and Tape

Arcadia can automatically select coverings such as Conduit, Heat-Shrink Sleve and Tube to correctly fit your wire bundles all at the click of a button

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to import legacy data
  • Customisable views to suit individual project requirements
  • Multiple part number cross referencing
  • Ability to support multiple databases
  • Rapid search facility for all parts
  • Comprehensive library of parts available


In-Tool Part Store

Arcadia includes a part store built-in so that you can select all the parts you need in your database for your next project quickly and easily

Save Multiple Component Views

Components can have multiple views added in a variety of formats, Vector SVG, JPG, PNG etc.

Cross-Reference parts to any internal, supplier or manufacturer number

There is no limit to the cross-references you can add to a part, easily switch which of these show on your drawings & reports

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Work From Home Support

We are here to support all customers with on-premises Arcadia installations with homeworking should your IT team have any questions. Please contact our work from home team for a near immediate response.

Our hosted Arcadia service can be accessed anywhere with zero configuration, but should you have any questions regarding your web browser and PC, please feel free to contact us as well.

We are all in this together, let us help to keep you productive –

Andrew Armstrong 

CTO Cadonix