Arcadia Harness

Arcadia Harness ensures your harness is captured both clearly and accurately. Design Rule Checks ensure that your harness can be manufactured reliably and all BOM parts are captured and checked. With the ever growing complexity of modern machines & vehicles Arcadia Harness allows your engineers to generate clear and reliable documentation for use in manufacturing and service or even for your own in-house prototype builds. The comprehensive Arcadia Harness design toolset allows capture, automation and greatly reduced workload for engineering, purchase and service departments allowing you to seamlessly integrate into your existing process and workflow.

Create harnesses directly from the schematic

Identify a schematic to build your harness from, specify which connectors & splices should be used and added including their part number, cavity table & view.


Arcadia’s Cloud based environment enables a connected collaboration of people on projects and teams Fully integrated with Arcadia Schematic Pro Complete validation of all aspects of harness manufacturing documentation.

Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive and easy to use allowing engineers to focus on creating harnesses.
  • integrates with your enterprise wide tools & processes (MCAD,PLM, ERP etc.).
  • Integrated parts database
  • Create Not To Scale & 1:1 Layouts
  • Automatically create bill of materials, wire lists and other reports
  • Reverse Engineering Capability
  • Splice Illustration and Balancing
  • Clocking Angle Illustration Tool
  • Automatic wire cut list generation with end tagging functionality


Reverse Engineering Capability

Arcadia has introduced a unique process to create a harness when only a physical sample is available in a easy way, which allows the harness drawing to be built to scale from a photograph

Splice Illustration and Balancing

Automatic and manual splice balancing functions with comprehensive splice diagram generation illustrating how to construct each splice

Connector Label Tool

Ability to add labels in the harness design for connector/splice or in general for a harness which can be customised with configurable macros