Arcadia Integrator API

Cadonix’ Arcadia GraphQL API is a powerful GraphQL based scripting interface that allows 3rd party systems and processes to interact with many of Arcadia’s data structures.

Customers can use their own development team to write their integrations using Arcadia’s GraphQL based API or elect to use Cadonix consultancy service to help. We can advise on the best way that we can work together with customers to ensure a robust system that the customer can use and maintain themselves after the development is complete.

How to get started

The Arcadia GraphQL API is available for customers with an integrator license which allows them to access the scripting services. Please contact your system administrator, account manager or Cadonix helpdesk to check this has been installed.

What the API does

Arcadia GraphQL API (and developer sandbox) queries are a powerful tool for fetching data from Arcadia because they allow Arcadia API developers to specify exactly what data they need and how it should be shaped.

With our API, clients can request specific fields and related data in a single query, reducing the number of requests needed to retrieve the desired data. This leads to faster load times and better performance overall.

The Arcadia GraphQL API provides query classes supporting project management, drawing management, artefact generation and process control.

The Arcadia GraphQL API is programming language agnostic, which means that it can be easily integrated into any technology stack or programming language.

We provide examples and libraries for several popular programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Rust, and PHP, which makes it easier for developers to integrate the API into their existing workflows.

How we can help

Once you have acquired your Arcadia Integrator API licence we will send you an API reference document and some examples to cover several use cases.

If you have a complex requirement or would like us to aid in your integration Cadonix can provide consultancy services to offer support on your project.

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