5 Features To Try During Your Free Trial

With your free trial of Cadonix’s Arcadia Design Suite, you have so many rich, intuitive features to explore. We recommend that you experiment with five features in particular to get an idea of what you can accomplish with our powerful suite of cloud-based software.  1. Simulation with volt drop & visual cue  Import a drawing […]

Fellten Case Study: Discover how Arcadia is helping streamline Fellten’s wire-harness design processes


Customer: Fellten Industry: EV modification Project: Streamline all wire-harness design processes going forward Solution: Arcadia Design Suite Consistency in design and production With a presence across three continents, Fellten designs, engineers and manufactures bolt-in systems to convert classic cars into electric vehicles (EVs). Their electric systems deliver original-equipment-manufacturer (OEM) levels of performance and reliability to […]

3 tips for optimizing the wire-harness design process

wire-harness design process

If you can optimize the design process for your wire harness, you’ll gain significant cost reductions across the board, including testing and validation and your harness manufacturing. Simply put, optimizing at the design phase has a knock-on effect, speeding up the harness design cycle and improving your formboard while reducing design errors and quote-to-production cycle […]

10 basics to know about wire-harness design

wire-harness design

It never hurts to remind yourself of the basics when it comes to designing your cable harness. For your application to function as intended, every component and cable assembly must be carefully considered. This goes for your wire harness. The use of all wire harness types can improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of a […]