EUFS Case Study: Consistency in Design and Function

Customer: Edinburgh University Formula Student Team (EUFS)  Industry: Formula Student Racing  Project: Overhaul of electrical-harness-design process.  Solution: Adoption of Arcadia Design Suite for enhanced design, simulation, and visualization of electrical wiring and connections.  Consistency in design and production  Edinburgh University Formula Student Team (EUFS) is a UK powerhouse in Formula Student competitions. They’ve achieved consecutive […]

The Impact of ECAD Tools on Sustainable Design Practices

ECAD Tools

The electronics industry is booming, but so is the urgency for eco-conscious design. Engineers hold the key to minimizing environmental impact and building a greener future. Enter ECAD (Electronic CAD) tools –  game-changers that are silently transforming how we develop products. In this blog, we look at the transformative power of ECAD tools for sustainable […]

How Engineers can Collaborate Remotely with ECAD Cloud Systems

ECAD Cloud Systems

Bridging the Physical Gap to Work Together  In today’s interconnected world, engineering teams are no longer confined to physical locations. The ability to collaborate seamlessly across the globe is a powerful asset. However, remote collaboration can present challenges, such as maintaining real-time visibility into project progress, ensuring efficient communication, and guaranteeing design consistency across geographically […]

The problems in servicing your products and how wiring-harness data helps

Data consolidation in wiring design

Design data refers to the technical information used to bring a wire harness to life.  This data encompasses every detail about the components, materials, specifications, and configurations involved in the harness assembly process: connector types, pin configurations, voltage ratings, current capacities, physical dimensions, routing instructions, and so on. Part numbers correspond to each component integrated […]

How to Tackle RFQ Challenges in the Wire Harness Industry

Wire-harness quoting

The process of Request for Quote (RFQ) is notably labour-intensive, particularly within wire harness design and manufacturing, which often involves several components. Each component comes with distinct specifications and associated costs. In the event of winning the job, any lack of accuracy can result in quotes that do not align with actual expenses, thereby jeopardizing […]

6 wire harness industry challenges. 1 innovative solution.

In our industry, some challenges are universal.  Whether you work in wire harness manufacturing or wire harness design. Whether your industry is automotive, aerospace or retail. Whether you help create coffee machines or mobile phones. Your success depends on saving time and money. And this is directly related to the way you manage precision, efficiency […]

Streamlining Wire Harness Production with Quoting Tools

Harness-manufacturing efficiency is your goal. To get there, one avenue lies in the use of wire-harness quoting software. These specialized solutions have emerged as indispensable assets for wire-harness manufacturing. They offer a multitude of advantages, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and stay ahead in a competitive landscape. Let’s take a closer look at what […]

APIs: The Building Blocks of Today’s Wire Harness Design

Why on earth should a wire harness designer understand APIs?  In a nutshell, they empower you to streamline the design process, reduce errors, and optimize workflows, ultimately leading to the creation of high-quality wire harnesses. The more you know, the better. APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – are critical features in wire harness design software. […]

Component Databases: 5 Common Problems Solved

Think of the numerous electrical and mechanical components involved in wire harness design. Choosing the right connectors, wires, cables, terminals, and more takes more time than you might think. You have to consider factors such as voltage ratings, current capacity, form factors, environmental conditions, and compatibility with other components.  Getting it right is critical to […]

How to guide

Getting the Most out of Arcadia Harness Design: A How-To Guide The whole purpose in using Arcadia Harness Design is to accelerate the design process while enhancing precision and accuracy. But are you taking full advantage of this feature-rich software?  If you suspect that you’re not, don’t worry. We’re Here to Help We’ve put together […]