Space industry incorporating automotive technology

It’s clear from the frequent headlines that competing billionaires perceive space as the ultimate flex of their wealth and power. Although it’s cool to be a little churlish about these displays, there is no doubt that technologies and innovations will trickle down and drive demand for production. A large part of space and satellite systems […]

Democratising Space: Private space investment

Funding your very own suborbital space flight in a custom-made spacecraft has become the ‘it’ thing for billionaires to do in recent times, with Elon Musk paving the way for private space investment two decades ago and tens of others following suit. Both Richard Brandson (with Virgin Galactic), and Jeff Bezos (with Blue Origin), have […]

Mobility as a service: Will you own a vehicle in the future?

Car ownership has already passed its peak, and in the year 2030, just nine years from now, around 10% of us may have given up our cars altogether…  So it’s not the future of flying cars we’d all hoped for yet, but it’s certainly a more sustainable one. It will be the world’s largest cities […]

Harness considerations for vehicle security

Vehicle Security

Recently we have seen the effects of cyber-attack of national infrastructure from hostile governments and terrorists. Clearly, digital warfare is the preferred modality for future conflict, it can be clandestine and does not require feet-on-the ground personnel to execute. It was as early as 2010 when Koscher et al (K. Koscher, et al. Experimental security […]

The electric vehicle industry needs to address this!

Recently I was tasked with investigating some of the reasons the uptake of Electric Vehicles was seemingly quite slow despite compelling legislation and incentives in the UK. I suspect a lot of it revolves around uncertainly of range and battery condition in vehicles of an age ready to be sold or traded in. What do […]

Are you costing 100% of your outsourced harnesses? You should be!

Top 10 Reasons you should be using costCompare! Typically, organisations require third party suppliers to provide some or all their electrical harnesses. Smaller organisations rely totally on the suppliers quote for the job to provide their cost baseline, others may shop around for prices and the most sophisticated, run internal programmes to calculate the expected […]

Accelerate Harness Design In Your Industry with Arcadia

We are all aware of the old adage, use the right tool for job? But what happen when the nature of the job and surrounding industry changes? That right, you end up using the best software and practices from two decades ago! We are living in a cloud age where online engineering is key with […]

Want to upskill and prepare for the EV revolution?

The Electrification ebook upskills you with 5 goals that can be accomplished easily to build the right foundation for your organisation to tackle Electric Vehicle (EV) work. With the correct framework you can easily migrate to these new processes and implement new ways of improving your business with the least friction to your legacy activities. […]

ULtrac getting traction – Arcadia accelerated education!

Cadonix’ Arcadia is well known as the tool of choice of leading edge EV and automotive companies, however, a large proportion of the userbase is off-highway and agricultural vehicles. As spring is now upon us, its the ideal time to showcase one of Cadonix successful sponsorship users, who are really making furrows in tractor design […]

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