With your free trial of Cadonix’s Arcadia Design Suite, you have so many rich, intuitive features to explore. We recommend that you experiment with five features in particular to get an idea of what you can accomplish with our powerful suite of cloud-based software. 

1. Simulation with volt drop & visual cue 

Import a drawing of your wire harness into Arcadia Schematic from your legacy system. You can actually find out if your design will perform as you intend. Arcadia Schematic captures information about your wires and the circuits they’ll form. 

You can accurately simulate your design to see your electrical system’s behavior, and how all circuits interact with each other. The graphics will show exactly what’s happening. If you see, for example, that a lamp is only drawing a small portion of power, you can adjust the relevant resistor until you see that the lamp is drawing 100% power. 

With the integrated Component Database, you can drive the wire properties and actually calculate voltage drops in real time. You can also make sure your circuits meet safety standards, generate connectivity lists, and specify the connectors and splices to use, including part numbers, cavity tables and views.  

2. Select schematic wires and connectors from the integrated database 

Create your own intelligent from-to list. This gives you a comprehensive view of all the wire connections in your system, including the origin and destination of each wire. You can also use interactive filters to see information for a specific wire gauge, color, length, or wire ID. Automatically generate documentation for your design. 

You can use this information to quickly locate specific wires or connections, and to identify any areas where changes or improvements may be needed. This ensures that your wiring is correct and efficient.  

The integrated Component Database lets you easily search and choose the right components and connectors for your wire-harness designs. This is not only an incredibly convenient feature, but saves a significant amount of time that you’d otherwise spend looking for the appropriate parts and information. 

3. Harness creation from Schematic  

Generate the harness Connectivity list from Arcadia Schematic with a click of the button. It also gives you a bi-directional sync between the schematic and Arcadia Harness with synchronization status. This allows for seamless communication between the schematic and the harness design, ensuring that any changes made in one are automatically reflected in the other, and vice versa – no duplication of efforts are necessary. 

This feature ensures that your design remains consistent and up-to-date, regardless of which part of the design is being worked on. So if you add a new component or change the routing of a wire in your schematic diagram, this change will automatically update in the wire-harness design. Similarly if you add, say, a new connector in the wire-harness design, this change will automatically be reflected in your schematic.

4. Automatically select terminals, seals, plugs, and coverings 

Our Component Database features “Update Cavities.” This automatically selects your terminals, seals, cavity plugs and other components based on your wire data from the harness and connector part numbers. 

This helps streamline the design process and reduce errors or inconsistencies. This feature also uses design rules to check and validate your design against the Component Database. Click on “Update Sleeve Tube,” which fetches your coverings based on your wire-bundle diameter and reference value as per your profile configuration.

You can view all data for any connector live on your screen, eliminating the need to hunt through paper catalogs or websites.

5. Generate manufacturing reports from completed harness and formboard 

You can generate manufacturing reports from a completed harness and formboard, including a wire cutting list and other relevant reports. Generate a detailed list of all the components and materials required for manufacturing your harness. You’ll also have the functionality to generate harness tester reports, such as Cirris and Dynalab, for any faults or defects, saving precious time. 

You can also experience synchronization between harness and formboard: This feature helps in efficient change management – any changes made to the harness or formboard are automatically reflected in the other. It reduces the time and effort required for manual updates and ensures consistency in the design.

Any questions? We’re here for you 

Our suite of cloud-based software is designed for easy, user-friendly functionality. But if you find during your free trial that anything isn’t clear to you, ask – we’re always happy to help. You can also use our chat feature on our website any questions to get the answers you need. Finally, you might find it helpful to request a free demo to help you get started.