The second-hand EV market needs to be addressed!

Owing to government legislation putting pressure on diesel internal combustion engines, combustion engines in general and the introduction of ultra-low emission zones, the electric car is starting to become the compelling proposition in many people’s eyes. Media coverage of the latest electric offerings certainly excite the general public and raise the profile of the tantalising […]

The Self Driving Future Will Make Cars More Fun!

Have you recently sat back and imagined what the driving experience will be like in the near future when self-driving becomes commonplace? The introduction of new technologies and unparalleled levels of automation really allow for creative automotive companies to totally change the paradigm of the transport experience! It will be interesting to see Ford Motor Company […]

Time to consider EV – the top ten electric vehicles you can consider buying right now!

While most of us may have experienced a slow-down during the pandemic, the automotive industry did not press the brakes on their technological developments and many manufacturers are making 2021 the year to debut their all-electric offerings. In this article we introduce to you some of the most interesting, and relatively affordable (mostly!), electric vehicles […]

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