Democratising Space: Private space investment

Funding your very own suborbital space flight in a custom-made spacecraft has become the ‘it’ thing for billionaires to do in recent times, with Elon Musk paving the way for private space investment two decades ago and tens of others following suit. Both Richard Brandson (with Virgin Galactic), and Jeff Bezos (with Blue Origin), have […]

Mobility as a service: Will you own a vehicle in the future?

Car ownership has already passed its peak, and in the year 2030, just nine years from now, around 10% of us may have given up our cars altogether…  So it’s not the future of flying cars we’d all hoped for yet, but it’s certainly a more sustainable one. It will be the world’s largest cities […]

Commodity Harnesses for Space Vehicles

To many people from the outside, electrical harness and wiring systems in vehicles, appliances and industrial equipment all look the same – wires, connectors and various fixtures bolted to each other. Those in the industry know better. It is a complicated set of rules and design patterns that have been developed over several decades and […]

Harness considerations for vehicle security

Vehicle Security

Recently we have seen the effects of cyber-attack of national infrastructure from hostile governments and terrorists. Clearly, digital warfare is the preferred modality for future conflict, it can be clandestine and does not require feet-on-the ground personnel to execute. It was as early as 2010 when Koscher et al (K. Koscher, et al. Experimental security […]

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