Do you feel safe knowing your data is under lock-and-key at your premises or does the thought of a big data loss incident keep you awake at night?

Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that your IT systems and associated data are kept in a secure and healthy state for the continued benefit of your business, staff, and customers. With the current trend of employees working from home and requiring remote access there has never been a better time to evaluate this.

I am often asked why we use the cloud and recommend our customers do the same. Ignoring the numerous benefits further up the technology stack from a software and collaboration standpoint, the low-level advantages are compelling enough alone to weigh heavily in favour of cloud computing.

Regardless if you have paid $2000 or $2,000,000 for your IT infrastructure, you will not even come close to the investments made by the big cloud players such as Amazon in their AWS platform. Not only have they invested heavily in customised server computer hardware but also in the associated network bandwidth and management software.

Many processes that require physical intervention in local infra are managed and monitored automatically on the best cloud platforms so they can be addressed before they are a problem.

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