While most of us may have experienced a slow-down during the pandemic, the automotive industry did not press the brakes on their technological developments and many manufacturers are making 2021 the year to debut their all-electric offerings.

In this article we introduce to you some of the most interesting, and relatively affordable (mostly!), electric vehicles that you can go out today and purchase!

Rivian R1T

After several years of development, Rivian is finally releasing to the public their fully electric pickup truck, one of the most popular market segments in North America. All-wheel drive is standard on the 2021 R1T thanks to a Tesla Model X style arrangement, where each axle is powered by its own electric motor. This enables the Rivian to operate the torque and direction of each wheel independently, opening the potential increased modes of operation for off-road nimbleness. Naturally comes with all the features needed to go on a great adventure including lots of additional storage and power-wall capability.

# £52,000, 135kWh, 300 mile range. The 135.0-kWh model will be the quickest of the three, with 754 horsepower and a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 3.0 seconds.

Polestar 2

Following on from the headline-catching high end hybrid Polestar 1, Polestar’s second offering is a lot more affordable and designed to displace the Tesla model 3 in the market and show how Volvos and Geely are a serious proposition in the market. With attractive looks, excellent build quality and all the features expected in this price range the Polestar 2 looks to be a solid investment.

# £46,900, 78kWh, 300kW, 292 mile range. Standard range single motor or long-range dual motor options.

Lucid Air

Lucid’s entry-level model of its Tesla Model S-rivalling luxury saloon the Lucid Air. The air boasts a roomy luxury cabin, advanced entertainment system, driver aids and eye catching body styling. For those needing to cover more ground in a day, the Lucid Air boasts an impressive 406-mile claimed range and power output of 612bhp (from the 395bhp on the base model) for the touring model.

# £40,040, 74kWh, 240 mile range

Kia EV6

Learning from the mistakes of their previous hybrid offering the Niro, Kia has spent a little more time on the styling and their new EV6 is a stunner! Running on their new all electric EV platform features some impressive specifications and presents a decent challenger in the 40-50k EV market. Like the Porsche Taycan it features an 800-volt system which allows it to charge to 80% in as few as 18 minutes at a 350kW charger. The GT model, with its 584bhp output will leave most of the contenders in the dust!

# £43,895, 77.4kWh, 316-mile range

Ford F-150 Lightning

The F-150 is both Ford’s and America’s best-selling vehicle so it only makes sends for big blue to release an all-electric version into the growing EV market. The F-150 Lightning gets its power from two electric motors customers are able to use their truck as a power wall to run tools and camping equipment. Like the Mach-e the waterproof front-trunk gives you plenty of additional general storage. Don’t worry, its still a workhorse and boasts a 10,000 pound towing capability.

# £39,974, 100 kWh, 300 mile range

Mustang Mach-E

Fords first EV has Tesla’s model 3 in its sights and brings a competent alternative into the marketplace. The interior boasts an upmarket finish with a dominating central display, tidy instruments and (thankfully!) conventional controls for windows and mirror adjustments. SUV styling and good performance suggest the Mustang Mach-E is going to be a good seller with several performance and range options.

# 40,270, 76kWh,  280 mile range

Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s Model Y is a little easier to categorise over the previous models as its more of an evolution rather than the revolution of their predecessors. 75% of the Model Y’s components are shared with the Model 3 representing a consolidation in the platforms. What the Model Y does feature uniquely is 10% more volume, a novel new heat pump energy recovery system and a single-piece rear cast underbody, owing to Teslas acquisition of some of the biggest casting machines in the world, this ensured simpler installation and rigid structure. Typically with Tesla, long range and dual motor versions are also available.

# £35,500, 75 kWh, 280 mile range

Xiaopeng P7

The Xpeng P7 features cutting edge styling to match its electronic package and level 3 autonomous driving system. Set to be a tight competitor to Tesla’s model 3, the P7 infotainment system sports similar functions including pay-for apps providing e-commerce, music, video and gaming.

# £22,450, 80.87kWh, 311 mile range

Nio ES8

Unashamedly targeted at the luxury market, the Nio E58’s sizeable SUV sports a body almost made entirely from aluminium, dual 322bhp emotors, Brembo brakes and a suitably opulent interior. Conveniently the ES8 is equipped with 7 seats, always useful for bussing kids between playdates.

 # £78,000, 100kWh battery pack, 310 mile range

Rimac C Two

We can admit that his is on the most aspirational end of the scale, but the Rimac C Two represents the decidedly ludicrous end of the EV scale. Its 1427kW drivetrain accelerates it to 60mph in 1.85 seconds and tops out at a cool 258 miles per hour!

# £2,000,000, 120 kWh battery, 400 mile range

So, there you have it, while they certainly are not the cheapest automotive solutions on the market today, electric vehicles are starting into creep into the range of affordability of a lot more people. It will be interesting to see how to players do over the next few years where EV manufacturing is expected to reach parity with internal combustion platforms.

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