Erik Jacobs has set out to build his own “real” race car. He is designing his Lexus SC300 based Super Touring car to be an absolute monster!

Starting ground up he is developing and building everything himself. Naturally for a high technology leading edge design he required a high technology leading tool to match – enter Arcadia! With Arcadia’s new motorsport and military features we firmly believe that if you are not using Arcadia, you are not using the right tool! If you do not believe us, we are happy to convince you otherwise, feel free to give us a call to prove that Arcadia is the only and best tool you require!

Starting as a complete novice to both wire design and design tools, Erik designed his entire schematic in record breaking time, moving through each stage in Arcadia from Schematic, Simulation, Harness to outputs for harness manufacture and purchase.

You can follow his journey on his blog, and we wish him every success on the track!–Planning-for-Performance.aspx