A message from creator of Arcadia, Andrew Armstrong
December 2016

I would like to like to announce that we have just completed our 3rd Annual ISO 9001 certification with bsi. and passed with flying colours.

I would like to use the opportunity to thank all the Cadonix team for their dedication to our exemplary and industry leading processes. We were highly commended for our system maturity in all areas.

A large part of this has been lead by our Product Development Manager and his team to ensure the projects, resources and customers are all tracked and monitored at levels exceeding industry best practice. This building in of quality into the fabric of our systems and a true belief of what we are delivering to our valued customers is reflected by the demonstrably high levels of satisfaction we are maintaining.

Many thanks to our partners and suppliers for making the effort to work with our systems and processes, we hope through this interaction to continue to improve in alignment with our company vision. In exchange for working with us on and through our processes we guarantee continual and consistent quality going forward.

We at Cadonix truly believe that we are not here to sell our customers a piece of software, but leverage our technology to help them to solve their problems.

Warm regards and seasons greetings,

Andrew Armstrong