Cadonix is delighted to congratulate Riversimple on the launch of Rasa, their new bleeding edge hydrogen fuel vehicle, showcasing their new Mk2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle architecture.
Cadonix provided their state of the art Cloud based wire harness design and analysis tool Arcadia to enable the electrical team at Riversimple to design the vehicle electrical systems from initial concept right through to final harness manufacturing documentation as well a few help suggestions on harness and connector technologies.
Well done Riversimple team! We look forward to working with you as a partner for the long term and wish you every success for the future. It has been a pleasure working with their electrical design team and always exciting visiting Andre Bird in their R&D their workshop.
I would advise that if anyone has some free time over the next few days to go and see Riversimple’s website (link follows) or if you are luckier, their vehicles in person, they are absolutely beautiful and packed with all kinds of bleeding-edge technologies. Check them out at
Dr. Andrew Armstrong, Chief Technology Officer, Cadonix