Getting the Most out of Arcadia Harness Design: A How-To Guide

The whole purpose in using Arcadia Harness Design is to accelerate the design process while enhancing precision and accuracy. But are you taking full advantage of this feature-rich software? 

If you suspect that you’re not, don’t worry.

We’re Here to Help

We’ve put together a harness design software guide to help you better understand this unique tool. Our goal is to help you simplify the complex tasks involved in doing your job. Once you understand its intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset, you can streamline the entire harness design process.

Proven Time Savings

We did a test on Tesla facia harnesses to compare the time it took to work manually vs. the automated processes of Arcadia Harness Design. For example, the time taken to manually inspect each connector, map the wires, & add the right PN basis takes an experienced professional 10 minutes. Automate the processes with your Arcadia software, and it’s just 30 seconds. You can see the time savings on other tasks in our Cadonix support guide.

But the point is, these time savings make it more urgent that you download our FREE guide. The sooner you read it over, the sooner you’ll understand just what you have in Arcadia Harness Design. 

This Cadonix support guide covers powerful topics such as: 

  • Harness Design Macros
  • Connector/SpliceEditor
  • Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • CSV Import
  • Formboard Generation
  • BOM Report (Bill of Materials)
  • Wire Cutting List
  • Sleeve & Tube Cutting List 
  • and more…

Download the guide here. And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


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