When we started Cadonix it was with a vision to enable engineers to get to work with the most flexible and accessible electrical CAD tool on the planet. With Arcadia we not only built that CAD package, but continued to develop it into the most flexible, adaptable, collaborative and expandable, design and manufacturing system available on the market today.

With a wide range of users working together, Arcadia is both the machinery and oil in the supply chain enabling seamless integration not only with the users own systems but that of their suppliers and customers alike.

If you are ready to take your business into the next level, come and talk to us about our transformative toolset and how a Cadonix Arcadia solution is going to drive your business in the years to come.

Seriously ask yourself, ‘is our business really cloud ready today?’ If you require ECAD tools, I promise you, unless you are using Arcadia you most certainly are not. We don’t play with terminology, if it’s not running in your browser then its fake cloud” – Dr Andrew Armstrong Co-Founder Cadonix