Nick Carter

We’ve been manufacturing high quality, competitively priced wiring harnesses for over 25 years, supplying the Automotive, Marine and Industrial markets. Having the right software tools is a major factor in our competitiveness and success. Several years ago it became clear that our existing harness design and development software package was not keeping up with fast-changing […]

David Rothera

The Arcadia tool is excellent in several respects, but what really stands out is the enthusiasm and support of the Cadonix team. This will be key for us as we address the very specific challenges of creating a ground-breaking vehicle and delivering it on time

Matt Smith

Jankel requires a state of the art electrical CAD environment that fully supports our careful test and release procedures. Arcadia stood out in terms of ease of use and flexibility, offering full electrical systems analysis, and supporting design for manufacture. A key requirement for us was interfacing the tool to our SAP purchasing environment and […]

Mike Pokora

The sample Harness I created during my trial of Arcadia built up absolutely perfectly using the calculated lengths directly from the software. Using my previous methods, even on a harness half this size, I would have made at least 3 errors on average. I have recommended this software to all my customers.

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