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Harness Layout Express
Harness Layout
Harness Manufacturing
OEM Bundle
Manufacturing Bundle
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Electrical Schematic Design
Schematic design tool
Automatic design rule checks
Real-time schematic simulation
Symbol library
Schematic reports
Harness Design & Layout
Harness design tool
100 Wires

Unlimited Wires

Unlimited Wires

Unlimited Wires

Unlimited Wires
Automatic design rule checks
Component library
Standard reports
Manufacturing output (inc test interface & cutting)
Module Integration
Automatically generate a harness from the schematic
Automatically generate a formboard from the harness
Component Database
Integrated component database
Free components (Per licence from Cadonix library) - 25 100 100 100 100
Powerful Addons to Enhance Your Workflow
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harnAlyser * * * *
platformArchitect * * * * *
quoteBuilder * * * *
techPublisher * * *
Testing Equipment Interfaces * * * *
reView * * * * *
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Work From Home Support

We are here to support all customers with on-premises Arcadia installations with homeworking should your IT team have any questions. Please contact our work from home team for a near immediate response.

Our hosted Arcadia service can be accessed anywhere with zero configuration, but should you have any questions regarding your web browser and PC, please feel free to contact us as well.

We are all in this together, let us help to keep you productive –

Andrew Armstrong 

CTO Cadonix